How did you find pilates? 

I started doing Pilates in college while I was at the University of Tennessee. It was a small studio off campus and I did pilates with all the librarians from campus. 

Why do you love Pilates?

I fell in love with Pilates my very first class. It was a mindful movement that required thought and precision. Plus I saw changes in my body almost immediately. 

How did you become an instructor?

I always wanted to teach pilates, but after college got a "normal" job. I was living in Chicago and was hit by a car and used pilates to rehab after the accident. The studio where I used Pilates to rehab was also a BASI Instructor training studio. The rest was history. 

What makes your class/style special? 

I think my style is special, because I care about the history and form of pilates but I also like to sweat! So the goal in my classes is to move while paying attention to detail. 

How long have you been doing pilates & teaching? 

Practicing Pilates for 15 years & teaching for 11 years. 

Would you consider your approach more fitness or technical?

Both. I think it depends on my mood, the people in the class, and my intention for the day. There is something to be said for slowing it down but the same can be said about really overloading the muscle and building strength!