How did you find pilates? 

I found pilates during college with a mat class at YMCA. In 2011 I started doing reformer as part of a small group training program, instantly became hooked.

Why do you love Pilates?

I love how it makes me feel mentally and physically strong. I love the results, I love that it has made me a stronger runner, better form when lifting, and new found body awareness. 

How did you become an instructor?

After seeing firsthand the healing powers of pilates for an L5 back injury, I knew I wanted to be an instructor.  Lucky for me, I met Cydney through a corporate class she taught. She was hosting the BASI course and I enrolled immediately. 

What makes your class/style special? 

I like to work hard but also have fun in class! 

How long have you been doing pilates & teaching? 

I have been teaching Pilates since 2014. 

Would you consider your approach more fitness or technical?

Technical - I would rather my classes do an exercise with correct form and a small amount of repetitions than do 100 reps with bad form.