How did you find pilates? 

I found Pilates at 9 years old in a family class. In high school, I started doing mat work regularly through dance and with my track team. I continued the mat work through college and then found the equipment classes during Physical Therapy school. 

Why do you love Pilates?

It is always new. No matter how many times you have done an exercise there is always a challenge and something extra to focus on. The time spent in a class is time for me to deepen my body awareness and lean about how I move. 

How did you become an instructor?

One of the instructors at the studio I was attending in Ann Arbor told me they were hosting a training and asked if it was something I was interested in. I immediately said yes. I started with mat work classes and building Pilates principles into my PT practice. 

What makes your class/style special? 

My style is greatly influenced by my background as a physical therapist. I enjoy pulling in the muscle focused drawing connections between the exercise we are doing in class and how they influence the way we move in our daily lives. 

How long have you been doing pilates & teaching? 

Practicing for 20 years. Teaching for 3 years. 

Would you consider your approach more fitness or technical?

Technical. I want to help my clients build their own body awareness and fire correct muscles for each exercise. I love helping people find muscles they didn't know they had.