Pilates Reformer

Great for the beginner to advanced pilates student. The reformer is the most well known piece of equipment using springs, pulleys, straps and a moving "bed" to create a total body workout. 

Classes are 45-55 minutes. | Beginner, Intermediate & Advance Classes. 


Pilates Chair

Chair class is for those pilates enthusiasts who love the challenge of a great workout. This class is spent entirely on the chair and mat, using the traditional block system of the BASI method. For the intermediate to advanced pilates student. 

Classes are 45 minutes | Recommend 5 equipment sessions. 


Pilates Equipment

Classes could include sessions on any of the following pieces of equipment; the reformer, chair, step barrel, mat, and spring board. We leave this up to the instructor so you get to experience the whole studio.

Classes are 45-55 minutes. 


Pilates Jump

Cardio focused class taught on the reformer with high energy music. We place a jump board at the end of the reformer performing jumping moves to work on strength, coordination, and develop endurance. 

Classes are 55 minutes | Must have completed 5 equipment sessions.


Mat to Equipment

Does Pilates equipment scare you? This is a great way to get introduced to the equipment. Class will generally begin and end with matwork.  This class is great for the beginner & the most advanced client who needs a little mat work refresher. 

Classes are 45-55 minutes. | All levels. 


Pilates Mat

Based off the traditional mat work developed by Joseph Pilates. This is a challenging class that focuses on small movements, deep abdominal work, and uses the full body. 

Classes are 45 - 55 minutes